Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Official Dating

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Official Dating

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are reportedly officially dating after being spotted walking and spending time together. A source told E! that the 41-year-old television star and 28-year-old comedian is now officially more than just friends.

“They are really happy and looking forward to the direction this relationship is going,” the source said, according to E! on Friday (19/11).

“Kim has told a number of people they’re not super serious but she’s not dating anyone else either. So she’s trying not to make it a big thing but really likes it,” the source said.

The source said Kim fell in love with Pete and admittedly excited him. According to the source, Kim felt lighter when she was with Pete Davidson.

“he made Kim snort the entire time they had been together and Kim was completely captivated by way of him,”

Kim Kardashian’s feelings for Pete became clearer when the woman brought her mother, Kris Jenner, to the comedian’s birthday party.

A source at the event described it as a “big thing” and everyone was happy for Kim Kardashian.

Even though Kim and Pete are separated on different American Coasts, Kim is in Los Angeles and Pete is in New York City, sources say they are trying to keep things from getting in the way.

“They plan to keep knowing each other,” the source said.

The news of the closeness of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson began to smell after Kim became a filler and guest guide on Saturday Night Live in early October.

The two were caught holding hands while riding a roller coaster, having dinner together, and Kim attended Pete Davidson’s birthday party with his mother, Kris Jenner.

However, a number of sources said at the time that Kim was not ready for a serious relationship, especially since he was in the process of divorcing Ye alias Kanye West.

This was revealed after rapper Flavor Flav shared the moment on Twitter on November 17. The upload shows portraits of the rapper, Pete, Kim and Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s mother.

They were all seen wearing matching black and brown checkered pajamas. It is known that the celebration was held at Kris’s residence in Palm Springs. The closeness between Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian also seems not just a rumor. Sources close to the two also revealed that the two were close.

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