Kamalla Harris to become first woman with presidential power

Kamalla Harris to become first woman with presidential power

President Joe Biden on Friday will temporarily switch electricity to Vice President Kamala Harris even as he’s beneath anesthesia for a ordinary colonoscopy, White House press secretary Jen Psaki told newshounds.

The nation’s first girl, first Black and first South Asian vice chairman will break but some other barrier while she quickly steps into the performing position. Harris will paintings from her office in the West Wing whilst Biden is beneath anesthesia, Psaki said in a declaration.Biden, who turns seventy nine on Saturday, arrived Friday morning at Walter Reed Medical Center to go through his first ordinary annual bodily due to the fact that taking office.

It’s regular for a vp to assume presidential powers at the equal time as the president undergoes a systematic manner that requires anesthesia. Then-Vice President Dick Cheney did so on a couple of activities at the same time as then-President George W. Bush underwent ordinary colonoscopies.

Section 3 of the twenty fifth Amendment to america Constitution says the President can ship a letter to the speaker of the House of Representatives and the president seasoned tempore of the Senate putting forward declaring they’re “not able to discharge the powers and responsibilities of his office, and till he transmits to them a written declaration to the contrary, such powers and duties shall be discharged via the Vice President as Acting President.”

Earlier this yr, former President Donald Trump’s ex-press secretary Stephanie Grisham closely implied that Biden’s predecessor underwent a colonoscopy in a mystery visit to Walter Reed in 2019, but saved it quiet to avoid transferring presidential electricity to then-Vice President Mike Pence.

In her e book, “I’ll Take Your Questions Now,” Grisham does now not use the time period colonoscopy however heavily implies that’s what the experience was for. She says Trump’s health center visit, which stirred weeks-lengthy speculation approximately his fitness become a “very commonplace system,” at some point of which “a patient is placed underneath.” She also writes that Bush had a comparable process even as in office. Grisham writes Trump did not need then-Vice President Mike Pence to be in energy while he was sedated, which changed into part of the motive he stored his visit personal. He also “did not need to be the butt of a comic story” on overdue-night tv, writes Grisham.

Biden is the oldest first-time period president in US records, and the ultimate complete replace on Biden’s scientific records got here almost two years in the past when his presidential marketing campaign launched a 3-page summary of his scientific history in December 2019.

Dr. Kevin O’Connor, Biden’s primary care doctor on the grounds that 2009, defined Biden as “a healthy, vigorous, seventy seven-yr-vintage male,” on the time.

The 2019 precis showed Biden was being handled for non-valvular atrial traumatic inflammation, or AFib — an abnormal heartbeat that O’Connor stated Biden research no signs and symptoms of. He became taking Crestor to lower ldl cholesterol and triglyceride tiers, further to Eliquis to prevent blood clots, Nexium for acid reflux disorder, and Allegra and a nasal spray for seasonal allergies.

The maximum big scientific occasion in Biden’s records, O’Connor wrote, changed into when Biden suffered a brain aneurysm in 1988. He changed into serving within the Senate on the time. During surgical treatment, medical doctors observed a 2d aneurysm that had now not bled, which they also handled.
Doctors on the time inserted an “inferior vena cava filter out,” which could save you destiny blood clots from accomplishing the coronary heart and lungs and treated him with an oral anti-coagulant for several months.

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