Setup Shopify with WordPress (Step by Step)

Do you want to connect Shopify to WordPress? Making a WordPress site into an online shop may seem complex to newbies, but it isn’t. With Shopify and WordPress, you can open an online store in minutes. Anyone can quickly create a gorgeous web store and start selling without learning any coding.

Willing to develop your own internet business and start selling right now.

This post will walk you through integrating Shopify with WordPress. And don’t forget that our team is ready to provide you with WordPress to Shopify migration services!

How to Install Shopify on WordPress

Adding Shopify to your WordPress site is as simple as pasting the code. Let’s look at the steps below.

Step 0: Create a WordPress Site

To launch an online store using Shopify, you’ll need a WordPress website. WordPress is the most popular and finest platform to establish a website. It has several built-in capabilities that allow you to create a website without knowing any coding.

Starting a WordPress website requires many steps. First, choose a domain name for your company. A domain name is your site’s internet address. Our domain name generator can help you pick the right domain name for your online store.

Next, choose a web host. A web host is a company that offers the technology and services required to access a website online. It holds your website files. The web hosting is the address, and the domain name is the house.

We suggest Bluehost for your online business. In addition to 1-click WordPress installation, Bluehost is one of the top website hosting options accessible.

Step 1: Create a Shopify Store

To integrate Shopify with WordPress, first, create a Shopify account. Visit the Shopify website. On their main page, you may sign up for a free 14-day trial by entering your email address. After entering your email, click Get Started.

Next, choose a password for your account and a shop name. After completing the form, click the Create Store option.

Then, Shopify will ask you a few questions to better understand your requirements. Select your responses from the dropdown arrows and then click Next.

In the following section, provide your name, address, phone number, and website. After completing this section, click the Enter my shop option at the bottom of the form.

You’ll be sent to your Shopify account’s home page. Your Shopify shop is now live.

Step 2: Set Up Payments and Shipping in Shopify

Set up payments for your Shopify shop to accept consumer payments. To do so, click on Payment providers in the Settings menu at the bottom of your home page.

Your Shopify account is immediately set up to accept PayPal payments. You should be ready to take payments if you already have a PayPal account with the same email address as Shopify. If you don’t have a PayPal account, Shopify will provide you with advice on how to get one.

Step 3: Add products on Shopify

Next, you must add your items to Spotify. Then click the Add product button in the Products menu on the right.

Then enter your product’s name, title, description, pricing, and more. Include a high-resolution photograph of your product. You may also group similar items together to make them simpler to search. When you’re done, click Save to save your product’s data.

Step 4: Selecting Your Shopify Plan

After setting up your Shopify account, you’ll need to pick a price plan to launch your online shop. Select a plan from the banner at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5: Using Shopify BUY LINK

Now it’s time to combine Shopify with Buy Buttons. Buy Buttons are featured in all Shopify plans and lead to your checkout. Your website or blog entries may now include Buy Buttons. It also lets you generate a checkout link to share through email or social media. Along with emails, a sales CRM application helps manage prospects and customers.

If the Buy Button sales channel isn’t included in your Shopify admin’s Sales Channel area, add it. To add the Buy Button sales channel, go to Settings, then Sales channels.

Step 6: Integrate Shopify Buy Buttons

Our next step is to add your items to your WordPress site. To copy the code for that product, click the Copy code to clipboard button.

This code may be placed anywhere on your website where you want a Buy Button. Your WordPress website should include a page dedicated to the purchase of products. Create the page, name it, and paste the code. If you need Shopify customization services – feel free to contact us!

Done! It’s that simple. With this knowledge, you’ll be drawing consumers and earning sales in no time.

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